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1.  When can I extend my beach crossover across the new dune? 
CAMA has determined that crossovers may not be extended over newly constructed dune and berm areas, until they have “stable and natural vegetation” as determined by Division of Coastal Management (DCM). This could take up to 2 years. 
2.  When will the new dune be vegetated? 
The Town has hired Coastal Transplants to plant over 900,000 sea oats on the dune system. The planting will begin in July and continue through October. What cannot be completed by October will be finished up next planting season.  The planting will begin at the seaward toe of the existing dune, through the valley and up over the crest of the new dune. 

3.  What alternatives are there to a traditional wooden crossover to access the beach? 
Oceanfront owners and their designee have the right to access the beach, by crossing the dune with no structural crossover or designated pathway.  Pedestrian beach mats can also be used to lay over the dune providing a more stable walkway.  
Also, CAMA has given special consideration to our situation and will allow small post and rope to be used to help navigate the steeper sections of the new dune, based on the following guidelines: posts cannot be greater than 4X4, no deeper than 5 feet, spaced no closer than 7 feet, only rope railings can be used and it must be at least 3 feet above the ground to avoid sea turtle interactions. *POSTS AND ROPE MAY NOT BE INSTALLED UNTIL AFTER PLANTING HAS BEEN DONE ON THE NEW DUNE*

4.  What is a pedestrian beach mat, and do I need a permit to install one over the new dune?  
Pedestrian beach mats vary in size, color and material depending on the manufacturer.  They can also be hand made from PVC pipe, rope, and wooden slats.  Generally, they are between 4’ and 8’ wide and must be easily removable. No permit is required from CAMA or the Town to install a pedestrian beach mat so long as it can be “easily removed”.  Pedestrian beach mats can be pinned down with things like tent stakes and helicoil corkscrews.  

5.  Am I required to extend my beach crossover?
No. When the time comes that CAMA allows crossovers to be extended, oceanfront owners will have the choice of whether to extend their crossover or not.

6.   Can I install sand fence on the new dune? 
Unfortunately, because there is no “stable and natural vegetation” on the new dune, CAMA regulations do not allow for sand fence on the new dune to build up sand or to funnel pedestrian traffic over the dune in a designated area.  Sand fence can be installed on the existing dune in the valley, between the two dunes, so long as it meet’s CAMA’s exemption guidelines (orientated 45 degrees, sections no longer that 10 feet in length, minimum 7 feet apart. Also, sand fence may not extend more than 10 feet waterward of the toe of the dune). 

7.  What activity is permissible on the new dune? 
The Town ask’s residents and visitors alike to respect and protect the entire dune system here in Topsail Beach.  Please limit activity on the new dune to what is necessary to access the beach.  We encourage you to use the new 75 feet of dry sand beach area for your physical activities (walking, running, exercising) as well as your beach equipment (towels, chairs, tents etc.). Restrictions on the new dune may increase once it is vegetated.

8.  Was the project completed and when is the next nourishment project planned?
The beach nourishment project had two components; dredging and sand placement on the beach.  The sand placement on the beach was mostly completed, although there is still sand to be placed south of Drum Ave. There is also some dredging work that was not completed.  Even though the Town was given an extension to work through the month of May, the extension did not include work in some of the side channels.  Therefore, Week’s Marine will be returning to Topsail Beach in the next dredging season (late fall/early winter). 

9.   Why is the profile of the beach different on the south end?
A:  The profile of the beach was designed with a valley in between the existing dune and the new dune. The valley is a design item intended to strengthen the dune system. Once planted, the vegetation will grow up through the wind-blown transport of sand, resulting in a “root mat core” to the dune system. Unfortunately, the southern section between Sea Vista and Crocker Avenue was completely destroyed from Hurricane Florence and had to be restored. In rebuilding from both sides, there was not space for the dozers to be able to create the preferred 4' deep valley and thus the valley there is only 2’ deep in this area. 

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Good afternoon,

The year 2020 is moving quickly as June approaches and events have already had us reflect on what is important. We have seen significant impacts on our families and a new understanding that we have to work together as communities, states and a Nation.  The upcoming Memorial Day Holiday is also a time to remember and give thanks. We need to remember the men and women who died in military service for the past 243 years and show our gratitude for their honor and sacrifice for our Nation. We are a nation that understands we have our freedom and rights because of their service and sacrifice. We are a grateful Nation. 

We will move to Phase 2 of the Governor’s Plan on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 5:00 PM. However, there are some actions we ask that you understand and use as we move forward:

 Please adhere to regulations as outlined in the Governor’s Phase 2 plan

 Please continue to take actions that flatten the curve – follow recommendations of the CDC

 Please show patience, kindness, and compassion in your daily activities  

We will continue to keep our Town Hall and other town offices closed. We are still assembling the supplies and equipment needed to protect employees as well the public. Please know our staff is available by appointment, by telephone or email. 

We will open our Town Center Park; however, per Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 141, the children’s playground area will remain closed. The restrooms will be open and cleaned daily.  Please understand if we find housekeeping issues in the restrooms that are the results of misuse, we will consider closing the restrooms for the safety and health of all.

Everyone deserves to feel safe from being infected by the COVID-19 virus. We ask that at all times everyone respect and follow rules that protect those with under lying condition, our employees, our visitors and our property owners. We do encourage that you support our Topsail Beach businesses.

Topsail Beach has not experienced the COVID-19 virus in our community; however, our extended families in other communities have felt its impact.  Please practice the appropriate social distancing in all activities on land and water.

Please enjoy the summer with family and friends.  Please stay safe and follow CDC recommendations.

Regards Steve Smith, Mayor

Town of Topsail Beach 

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May 15, 2020
Dune construction and dredging has now been completed for this season.  All piping and other equipment will be removed from the main beach area over the next few days, although staging equipment could remain at the Crews Ave & Drum Ave vehicle beach accesses until May 31, 2020.  Weeks Marine will be returning during the next dredging season (late fall/early winter) to complete our project.
With the project winding down for the season, we have received several questions about the next steps.  Town staff has begun to put together a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help address some of these concerns as best we can.  We know that there will be other questions, and we encourage you to contact us so that we can put together a comprehensive list for everyone.
Two questions most often asked referred to the new dune and the ability to build crossovers to the dry sand beach.  Let’s address each of those here.  How Do We Protect The New Dune? There is concern that pedestrian traffic and activity would damage the new dune.  We have had several discussions with our engineers and others on how to protect the new dune until sea oats are planted.   It was determined that normal pedestrian activity would have less impact to the new dune than focusing people to cross in a specific location.  We want to encourage all beachgoers to respect our new dune and limit their activity to only what is necessary to access the beach.   The beach nourishment efforts have given the Town 75 feet of beautiful dry sand beach area for your physical activities (walking, running, exercising) as well as your beach equipment (towels, chairs, tents etc.). We encourage everyone to take advantage of the beach and try to stay off the dune as much as possible.  Once the new dune is vegetated, the Town will likely add additional restrictions.  The extra beach patrol we have during the summer season will help monitor excessive activity or those damaging the dune and act accordingly.    


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Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation (JOEMC) is continuing its efforts to improve electric service as its current project moves from Surf City into Topsail Beach.  The project, which includes replacing old electric poles and replacing worn wiring and other hardware, is an effort by JOEMC to upgrade its service and provide safer, more reliable service to our residents and homeowners.  The improvements include upgrading the transmission line to the substation located at North Anderson Blvd. and Sidbury Avenue.  

As part of the project it is necessary for JOEMC to clear portions of the right-of-way to have safe access for the personnel and equipment to do the job.  The amount of right-of-way to be cleared depends on the circumstances of each pole (i.e. anchor required), however it is the goal of JOEMC to minimize the impact on surrounding properties as much as possible.  You can expect some travel delays while the work is underway with lane closures possible.

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We are excited to announce that Topsail Beach Administration now has a new office building located at 810 S Anderson Blvd (the old Cora’s Deli building).  This new office space will house both the Community Development department and the Public Works Supervisor’s office.  The Community Development department consists of the Building Inspector, William Rivenbark and the Planner and Code Enforcement Officer, Linda Vescovi.  This department will be your contact for all things related to buildings and land use in Topsail Beach (permitting, inspections, zoning, floodplain, code enforcement etc.).

The Community Development phone number is 910-328-5194 and the office hours are as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am – 1pm
Tuesday and Thursday 1pm – 5pm  
or by appointment

We appreciate your patience as we make this transition and welcome you to stop by to see the new building.  

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At the request of many rental property homeowners, the Town has created a refrigerator magnet that highlights some of the ordinances that pertain to your guests during their stay in Topsail Beach.  We do encourage you to make arrangements to pick one up to put on your refrigerator to ensure your guests are aware of our rules and regulations in order to have a fun and safe vacation.

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