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Town of Topsail Beach
820 South Anderson Blvd. 
Topsail Beach, North Carolina 28445

The Town is currently accepting Bids for the sale of the Turtle Hospital Property. The parcel includes all of Lot 5 in Block 15 of New Topsail Beach Subdivision as shown on a map recorded in Map book 3 at page 56 of the Pender County registry and is located at the end of Crews Street at 822 Carolina Boulevard in the Town of Topsail Beach.

Bids will be received by the Town of Topsail Beach at the Town Hall, 820 South Anderson Boulevard, Topsail Beach, N.C. until 2:30 P.M. (EST), Friday June 5,2015 and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud.

Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities.

Please find below DCMs response to the current setting at the old turtle hospital, located at 822 Carolina Blvd., Topsail Beach, NC.

Based on visual observations made during an on-site meeting held April 14, 2014, with you, myself, Lee Browning and Tom Eggelston, it was determined that the existing building located on the property is “non-conforming” and does not comply with our current Rules pertaining to development along the estuarine shoreline. Specifically, the existing building is located a distance less than 30’ from the normal highwater level. By Rule, and unless specifically authorized otherwise, all new development shall be located a distance of 30’ landward of the normal highwater level. There are exceptions to this Rule, but for building purposes (actual “buildings”) the development setback shall be greater than 30’ from the high water level.

However, because the existing building located on the property has a concrete slab foundation, the structure may be replaced provided the structure is not enlarged beyond its original dimensions. I am attaching a link to the CRC’s Rules concerning“non-conforming” development as well as the link to our Rules concerning the 30’ Coastal Shoreline buffer.  These two Rulings allow for replacement of structures on the property under the stated conditions. 


(H) Development over existing impervious surfaces, provided that the existing impervious surface is not increased and the applicant designs the project to comply with the intent of the rules to the maximum extent feasible;


A non-conforming structure is any structure within an AEC other than Ocean Hazard and Inlet Hazard AECs that is inconsistent with current CRC rules, and, was built prior to the effective date(s) of the rule(s) with which it is inconsistent. Replacement of such structures shall be allowed when all of thefollowing criteria are met:

(1) the structure will not be enlarged beyond its original dimensions;

(2) the structure will serve the same or similar use;

(3) there are no practical alternatives for replacing the structure to provide the same or similar benefits in compliance with current rules; and

(4) the structure will be rebuilt so as to comply with current rules to the maximum extent possible.

Jason Dail
CAMA Representative

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