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Efforts continue on the Town’s Channel Dredging and Beach Restoration Project.  The objective of the project is to provide protection from storms and erosion to our beachfront properties until our Storm Damage Reduction (SDR) Project (as part of our 30-Year Beach Management Plan) is underway.  The SDR Project is scheduled for late fall /early winter of 2019, and will expand on these efforts creating a new dune structure and widening the existing beach.  

The current Beach Restoration Project has been modified as a result of several issues impacting the project, including but not limited to a delayed start-up, equipment trouble, weather/water conditions, and CAMA / USACE related design changes.  It now appears we will not receive a requested extension to continue our Beach Restoration Project into May.  This limitation has also limited our ability for total sand placement.  As a result, the focus of the beach repair will be on those areas with the greatest risk of erosion potentially impacting structures.  Because the condition of the beach and dunes in the middle of the Town is adequate, work on the beach will shift from the southern end of the island to Queens Grant and properties north towards the town limits. The updated progress maps on our website highlight these changes.  These modifications, although different from the original plan, still meet the objective of rebuilding the beach to the point of providing greater protection to property from increased erosion resulting from storms or related events until the larger SDR Project can be completed.  A community meeting will be held in early May with more information on the SDR Project. 

Please remember this is a construction process with many elements, including Mother Nature’s involvement.  Our goal continues to be to provide a beach that serves our community’s needs for enjoyment and protection.

Look for additional progress maps and updates on our website as the work continues.  For more information on these upcoming projects, please contact us at Town Hall.


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