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The Town of Topsail Beach will begin its Storm Damage Reduction (SDR) Project in December of this year.  The SDR is our beach nourishment plan that will include the repair of our existing dune structure, the construction of a new frontal dune, and the widening of our beach.  The project is designed to provide greater protection to the island from the impacts of future storms and from erosion of our shoreline.

As part of the project, the Town anticipates the need for private property owners on the beachfront to extend existing crossovers or to build new crossovers over the repaired dunes and the new dune structure.  The Town estimates approximately 350 or more properties potentially planning on extending structures.  In order to assist the property owners, the Town is developing a list of potential contractors interested in completing this work.  Please note that any list developed by the Town IS NOT INTENDED to be a preferred list of contractors nor does the Town endorse any particular company.  It is intended solely to identify those contractors aware of the scope of the project and interested in potential jobs.  Any agreement for work completed is negotiated between the property owner and the contractor only.

Included in the Towns permit for the SDR, is the general CAMA permit for the construction of each crossover.  It will be the responsibility of either the property owner or the contractor to obtain a permit from the Town for the work and comply with the Town’s Private Beach Access Crossover Ordinance. 

If you are interested in being included in the Contractors List, please contact Town Hall at (910) 328-5841 or email us at


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