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Topsail Beach staff has begun the clean-up process from this past weekend’s storm.  As we anticipated, the storm caused beach erosion and some street flooding, particularly on the sound side of the island.  Our police and fire departments monitored the impacts of the storm in order to take any necessary action to ensure that public safety needs were met.  While the Town experienced little if any damage to our crossovers and steps, we have seen debris from surrounding areas wash ashore on our beach.  Over the next few days, we will be working to remove much of this debris, particularly as the tide begins to recede.  
While we did experience erosion and escarpment on our beach, the system worked as it was designed.  Much of the dunes remain intact and we did not have any breaches within the town.  Sand that was lost will be replaced and expanded as we begin our new beach restoration project in the next several weeks. 
For your safety, we encourage everyone on the beach to be careful of the debris and avoid going on or near the escarpments and the dunes.  Thank you for your cooperation!


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