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Mobilization for the Beach Project Set to Begin

This week Town staff met with representatives of Weeks Marine and TI Coastal to discuss the upcoming steps for Town’s Storm Damage Reduction (SDR) Project. Preliminary work, including vibration monitoring testing and pre-construction surveys of buildings and improvements started prior to the new year, with equipment beginning to arrive and installment to take place in the coming weeks. The first of two dredges, the JS Chatry, previously scheduled to arrive in late January, is now scheduled to arrive and begin work the first week in February. This is a result of the support equipment needed to lay the submerged pipeline experiencing delays related to inclement weather and storms in the southeast. Weather delays are experienced anytime a tow runs into seas greater than 5-7' where they are no longer able to transit safely offshore. Please note that the potential for weather delays has been incorporated in the planning schedule and the Project is still on track for completion as scheduled. In the coming days you will begin to see more preparation for the project, including surveyors from TI Coastal on the beach. Below is a brief overview of what you can expect:

Week of Jan 13th:
** Heavy equipment (bulldozers, etc.) will be delivered to beach near Drum Avenue in anticipation of landing pipeline
Week of Jan 20th:
** Land Submerged Pipeline in Topsail Beach for the JS Chatry, approximately just north of Queens Grant
** Continue to lay line back to the inlet
Week of Jan 27th:
** Early start for pipeline work at Drum Ave. (This could start the following week)
Week of Feb 3rd:
** JS Chatry startup Topsail Inlet Offshore Section with placement beginning near Queens Grant and advancing north (see attached map for direction)
Week of March 2nd:
** Borinquen startup placement starting at Drum Avenue advancing north

Again, please note that while we are confident in the successful completion of the project, schedules are subject to change based on unforeseen conditions. The overall timeline has accounted for these possibilities.
Staff will meet with Weeks Marine and TI Coastal on a weekly basis (or more often as necessary) to assess the progress and report back key information to our residents and property owners throughout the process. Once the project begins, look for progress maps and updates on our website. For more information please contact us at Town Hall.


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