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2012 WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS:    The project is in-service and nearing final completion.  The Town Hall Facility was placed in-service on May 02, 2013 and the Humphrey Street Facility on May 24, 2013.  The elevated storage tank was put in service on June 06, 2013.  The customer data-base was set up and training for the automated meter reading system completed by May 08, 2013.

The water system is operating with higher pressure and twice as much water in-storage than prior to construction of the project plus it now has an automated meter reading system to facilitate monthly billing for water use.

Each and all of the contractor(s) have been given a respective punchlist(s) and asked to request a final inspection after performing the work identified on the punchlist(s).

Vanguard has stated performances of its punchlist and similar statements from Centurion and Caldwell Tank are expected in the next two weeks.  Final inspection should be scheduled and completed by June 25, 2013.

The only significant work expected after this month is the demolition of the old elevated tank which is being scheduled in conjunction with action by communication carriers for fall of 2013.

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