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Beach Nourishment

The Town of Topsail Beach is committed to maintaining its beaches through the process of beach nourishment.  Beach nourishment describes the process by which sediment (usually sand) that is lost through erosion is replaced from sources outside the eroding beach.  This creates a wider beach that is better able to withstand the natural causes of erosion.  The repetitive process of beach nourishment maintains the natural barrier that provides coastal homes and buildings protection from the ocean.  The Town of Topsail Bach is able to maintain their beach nourishment program through a "30 Year Beach Management Plan".

30 Year Beach Nourishment Plan

Local Storm Damage Reduction (SDR) Updates:

Beach Nourishment PowerpointCurrent:
SDR Public Notice 03-25-2020

SDR Public Notice 03-13-2020
SDR Public Notice 03-05-2020
SDR Public Notice 02-26-2020
SDR Public Notice 02-12-2020
SDR Public Notice 02-06-2020
SDR Public Notice 01-23-2020
SDR Public Notice 01-10-2020
SDR Public Notice 12-09-2019

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Please click on the above map for our most recent progress updates: Latest Update 3-26-20
(the green highlighted areas are where work is in progress or completed)


Beach Nourishment Photos