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Town Manager Topsail Beach

Council Manager Form of Government
Avg. Population:  500 year round
                            10K Seasonal

The Town of Topsail Beach is seeking a professional Manager with exceptional people skills and a demonstrated minimum five years of local government management and experience, preferable in coastal communities. The successful candidate will have a strong background in managing seasonal and year round citizens’ services, especially sand and beach nourishment projects, hurricane preparation/response/recovery operations, and utilities management in seasonal communities. Education requirements are Masters in Public Administration or related field, or an undergraduate degree with significant local government experience.  Salary is competitive with other beach communities, commensurate with experience. 

Send resume to:  Town Clerk
                             820 S. Anderson Blvd.
                             Topsail Beach, NC 28445

Position open until filled.  EOE


Qualified applicants must be able to assess a fire scene, allocate resources as necessary and act as incident commander.  Applicants must be willing to be a member of an interior fire attack team.  Applicants will be capable of maintaining department training and scheduling, assuring that all personnel have the required certification courses.  Applicants will be able to handle administrative duties for the for the department and be knowledgeable of State and Federal requirements.  Applicants will be capable of maintaining the fire station, apparatus and related equipment as well as records of the same.  This includes, but is not limited to testing of equipment, weekly maintenance of vehicles, maintain training reports, inventory records, response reports and fire response pre-planning.  Must be Firefighter II certified and hold a valid class B commercial driver's license.  Applications for Town Employment can be found on-line at www.topsailbeach.org or at Town Hall on 820 S Anderson Blvd, Topsail Beach, NC 28445.

Position open until filled.

The Town of Topsail Beach Volunteer Fire Department is Seeking Additional Volunteers

The Town of Topsail Beach Volunteer Fire Department is seeking additional volunteers.  Interested candidates must meet the following qualification:

1)     The applicant must attend at least three consecutive fire department meetings

2)     Upon recommendation of the fire chief, voted onto the department and membership approved by the town manager

3)     Have a valid driver’s license with proper classifications and endorsements for operating a fire apparatus

4)     Pass a physical examination and substance abuse test

5)     Shall be subject to a background check.  Any applicant who has been convicted of a felony is ineligible to be a member of the fire department

6)     Live within a 15 mile driving distance to the town limits or perform a majority of their work within the town limits or a 15 mile driving distance of the town limits

7)     All new members shall serve a six-month probationary period.  A probationary member of the fire department may be dismissed during the probationary period for any reason whatsoever

In addition to these qualifications members must participate in 50 hours of fire department training, cannot miss three consecutive scheduled fire meetings and must respond to at least 25% of all calls annually.  After the six month probationary period the new member will qualify for tier-based compensation dependent on their training level.  Any interested candidates should contact the Topsail Beach Fire Department at (910)328-2980 with further questions or stop by at 816 S Anderson Blvd., Topsail Beach, NC to pick up or fill out an application.

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