Adopt an Access

 Betty Helms and her son, Howard, adopted the Hines Ave. beach access in memory of Hunter & Red Ivey



If you are willing to keep the area around either a beach or sound access looking its best, please consider joining our "ADOPT AN ACCESS" program. 

Any person or group may adopt an access by agreeing to make the access area look better.  This may involve providing and maintaining decorative plants, so long as the plants do not impede access, and keeping trash picked up.  Each adopter may use their own judgment as to what will look best, but anything beyond small plantings will need Town approval.  A planter will be placed on the access free of charge if requested.  For a $100 donation a small (4X6") acrylic plaque will be placed on the planter "in memory" or "in honor"  as requested by the donor.  A larger wooden plaque will be provided for a $200 donation. 


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