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The Town of Topsail Beach has recently made some considerable updates to our website to in order to make it more compatible with all your mobile devices.  Orginally, when we made the conversion, it was discovered that there were some issues accessing many of our pages from our homepage if one was using their mobile phone to look at  This issue has now been fixed, however, if you attempted to access the website with your mobile device, the version that wasn't working properly will continue to appear because it is embedded in the history of the browser you used.

In order to access the corrected full website on you mobile device you will need to clear your search history on your device.  On most mobile phones, to do this you will need to go into your phone's "Settings" and scroll down to the browser that you are using on your phone (ie. Safari, Chrome, etc.).  You will then want to open the browser in the settings mode.  There should be an option to "Clear History and Website Data", the wording may be a little different depending on the type of phone you have.  Tap this option and your history should clear from your phone.  At this point, you should be able to go back to the main pages of your phone, open your browser and type in and the new intgrated website should appear.

If you have any question, please contact Topsail Beach Town Hall at (910)328-5841 and someone will try to help walk you through the process.  We appologize for any inconvience this may have cause.

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